21 March 2019


Player unknown’s battlegrounds is a name we are all familiar with, Some of us is in favor of playing it or some of us are against it just because our sons or daughters might playing it and we might not like it as well. So today it is the need of hour to think that whether it is right to ban an application just because of its addictiveness or children should develop a resistance towards it automatically with the help of time.
Now for the people who don’t know( The number might be a little low) but if there are a few I will explain PUBG. It is a game in which 100 persons play it with their mobiles or Computers, it can be played Solo, Duo or in Squad( 4 members ) and they have to land in a remote map, Now the main theme of this game is that there are houses and buildings everywhere and you have to find your weapons also by searching for them, After finding your ideal weapon you have to search for the other players and kill them. If you are in a squad you can also talk with your squad and maintain your strategy. What I think made this game popular, that you can talk like seriously its like an army kind of mission where you are advising your teammates about the situation and also about what you are seeing like if you are in a house and you are facing north where your other teammates are facing some other direction and you see an another team coming towards your direction then you can tell your teammates about it, and with scoping in with a sniper you or your teammates can kill them, Well this is my thinking about the popularity of the game. If you agree with my thought you can also comment down or If you have any other thing in your mind you can write that down also. There are some incidents happening currently in our country just because of PUBG.

Rajkot(Gujrat): So Rajkot police banned PUBG because of its addictiveness and the statement of the chief of the police was it is a harm to children’s psychology and their mind also. They also stated that children now a days are just busy playing it hours, regularly which is effecting their mind and eyes also. Children are becoming lazy, honestly speaking it is true I used to play the game I played it for almost six months, and these are the facts I noticed about the changes in my body.
1.     I became damn lazy yes damn lazy, I used to run for almost 2 kilometers a day but after getting addicted to it I devoted that time for PUBG and as a result I became so lazy that I was not been able to run for 500 meters when I stared again.
2.     Studies getting affected: You may be mature enough to define the fact that you have divided you time equally for all essential activities, but ask yourself silently and honestly, and you will find your answer.
3.     Psychological turning : When I stopped playing this game I realized that I became a guy I was not, I was disobeying my parents arguing with them at almost the end of every day. I had to admit it that only an application changed my life completely I was not giving my parents the time they deserved I was not meeting my friends because they were playing it with me.

And I remember I read a news about a child or teenager who committed suicide because he wanted a new high end phone for playing PUBG and his parents didn’t bought him a new phone, This was the most shocking news I heard about PUBG a guy died just because he was not able to play it on his old device( Because it requires a decent phone for playing it). That day I asked my self about dropping the habit of playing PUBG. And today while I am writing whether it should be banned or not its been 1 month I played it last. It is not on my phone also.
            Now coming back on banning it, I personally think that banning an application just because you are not been able to control yourself from using it is not good. It is not harming the society not harming anyone not provoking anybody to committing suicide ( Blue whale). So banning it is not good.
            After it got banned in Rajkot police arrested two guys who were playing it in a train. So arresting is no solution, there are some advantages also if you play it for a short time every day or may be once a day, A spirit for team provokes, where you help your friends like a team, you work with your friends like a team. Your senses become strong spotting an enemy maybe help you to find a real one in the real world.
            Neither we should ban it not we should play it that often, control is the key to every problem and it is the solution also, well the money thing is not that good where is charges you money for premium features, but that’s not an issue because that’s not essential. So at the end of the day and also to the end of the talk the solution is only control, start going outside and give time to yourself talk to your inner self about the problems you are having and you will find the solution just by asking yourself….


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