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22 March 2019

The Current Social Blunder in India

Yesterday as always I opened my Instagram account and what I seen was the usual videos made on a specific app ( You must have guessed the name of the application ) and I saw a video of a child who was acting as a Gangster and saying some dialogues which were not appropriate for a child, So I thought why should not write about this.
                The most amazing quote I listened or read was “ A pen have more power than a sword if properly used” so I actually thought of trying it.
                So that child was portraying a Gangster or a goon type guy, I saw that video and I asked myself is it the direction india should be going to, is it the destiny our elders thought about, Many teenagers are trying their so called acting skills on a particular application, And they are wasting their time, now some people will mistake me here as I am no opposing of acting it is also as a art for me, even at a time I also wanted to act but not like this If you are passionate about something do it properly, or at least professionally. If one likes acting one can do theaters or may be some small shows, but what the people are doing is wasting their time ( Time is money ), and also living in a false world.

                In early days I was not a great fan or social media, but a incident changed my views about it, one day when I was using it I found my childhood love or crush ( as most people now a days call it) on it, after almost 10 years I found her again, and this incident changed my views towards social media completely, my current views on social media is like it is Ganga the river of holiness but people are polluting it with their bullshit things and there kind of videos, there is no difference between the industries polluting Ganga and these people polluting Social Media. Now the love factor is not going to assume everybody but this is totally my point of view so I wrote it here, things may vary here from person to person the views about social media also.
                Now these videos are also becoming causes for accidents, I read in a newspaper that a guy died in a train accident just because he was trying to make a stunt video of him crossing the railway line and the train didn’t allow it to happen. When these kind of things happen my believe becomes more stronger that these kind of videos or applications should be banned, Previously in a blog I talked about PUBG that should it be banned or not and that day we talked about control, today I will say that control will be helpful here also but these kind of applications should be banned. I will give you more excuses I saw a video where one guy tied some crackers to a dogs tail and fired it up, just for filming this video to gain some views, you are destroying humanity yes choose the world humanity because the kindness towards other species makes us human, and what if we leave that kindness we will not be qualified enough to call us human.
                There is also a good side of these applications, but this time the bad side is far more bigger then the good one. So, yes I talk about the ban of these kind of applications which will save a whole generation, A whole generation sounds more serious but that’s the truth. So, I totally support stopping these kind of things in society.              



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