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24 April 2019

Avengers Endgame : The Spoiler Free Talks and Review

So, the world premier just happened last night and each and every Marvel fan is talking about the Avengers Endgame, well they should talk about it, because it’s what they were waiting for and trust me, its worth your wait or I must say that it is more worthy than your waiting.

          So, let’s talk about MCU the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it all started with the Iron Man which took place in 2008, and then rest is history. Kevin Feige the Godfather of MCU since 2007, he has been producing marvel movies since 2007 and guess what the combined movie collection till infinity war was more than 18 billion. Well that’s a big amount but yes we can proudly say that we helped, the fans helped them to achieve this. And when it all came to the end we must somehow appreciate the work.
          It took almost a decade and 21 films to complete this whole marvel cinematic universe, and trust me the end is going to be very proud, why I am saying the word proud is because….okay I promised a non spoiler talk so we will talk about it later. In Infinity war Thanos snapped and half of the universe was gone, including our half avengers but with the grace of the god the main six avengers including the popular Trinity Mr. Tony stark aka Iron Man, Steve roggers aka Captain America, and last but not the least Odinson Thor, Well the group also includes Black Widow, Bruce Banner, Hawkeye and the New team members Captain Marvel, Rocket and Nebula and of course our Scott lang aka the Ant man.

          In the movie promos and the released stuff we can say that Tony stark is back on earth and they are planning to bring back our heroes and the rest of the universe but the main thing is that how they are going to do that, Well don’t worry I will not talk about that, but I can assure you that the journey is going to be so beautiful, emotional, funny is some ways. And believe me just like Robert Downey Jr. said in an interview Infinity war was nuts in front of this movie and the last 8 minutes of endgame are the best eight minutes of the entire MCU.

          Now lets talk about the endgame you are going to witness and historic movie with developing relations because we all know that in the end of Captain America Civil war Tony Stark and Steve Roggers were enemies well not like enemies but they fought each other, tony stark fought for avenging his parents and Captain America fought for his friend. In this movie you are going to see them differently, Black widow is amazing in this movie and most importantly Hawkeye is amazing, remember hawkeye in any marvel movie you are going to witness something different this time. The runtime of this movie is almost 3 hours which is very long for any Hollywood movie but you are going to enjoy each and every second of it.
          In the end I just want to thank Joe russo and his brother just for making this movie and past couple movies so good and loveable. And in the End a big thank you to all of the cast and crew members of MCU just because you guys the last decade was amazing, and I am sure that the next decade is going to be amazing too. But as I say that I will not talk about this either.

          So in the end I just want to say that the movie is amazing go watch it in the theaters, Do not try to do any kind of piracy because it takes a lot of effort to make any movie so go and enjoy it honestly. Also I heard that some people are not been able to book their tickets just because of the huge Advance booking so wait for two or three days and avoid any medium which can spoil the movie for you…



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