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01 April 2019

The Myth About Government Job

So, today morning was like an ordinary morning for me unless my mom came and started to yell about my unemployment, I tried to explain her that I was writing blogs and trying to earn some money by the Internet but she didn’t wanted me to do this “JOB” she wanted to get me an proper job a clerical kind of job to get settled, its her definition of getting settled but not mine I want to do something in my life, at least I want to do something in my life that one day someone on this globe will come up to me and he will say things like “I read your blogs daily and you write good” that day will be a settlement for me. No 10 to 5 job can settle me. Now this is my thinking I am sure that there will be many guys here who think 10 to 5 job as there settlement.
                This is the main problem in India at least from where I came it is a very serious problem, In my neighborhood a boy whose name is Akash, he just cleared his 10th, I met him yesterday and he asked me something I asked me what stream should I choose, and my answer was “whatever you like, and it should be as per your interest, you can choose anything but it should be as your choice, it shouldn’t be imposed. We talked for almost 35 minutes and he told me how he is having a TSUNAMI of suggestions, and he also told me that how his parents are forcing him to choose science as his subject, on the name of choice he has only to he can choose either Maths or Biology as his subjects, but science was compulsory for me, this reminded me of myself, how I was told to choose science, and I failed miserably because I had no interest in that subject, it took me 2 years to get recovered from that failure and then I started to think about myself, about my life and future, that day I felt one thing that only you should define your life, it should be yourself  to feel both the success or the regrets.
                So, I was talking about the conventional ways to earn money like doing some kind of job for any Government or Corporate houses, but with the time the ways of earning money also changed, now you can do many things for earning money, you just have to do anything unique, it can be anything you can dance if you dance good, you can sing if you sing good, Well I am talking about YOUTUBE, some days ago I heard that some guys are earning money online just by playing games online, people are watching their streams and they are earning money from it, people are sponsoring them, when I heard this I actually thought that now country is changing you can get money from anywhere you just have to be good and original. I read about a guy who is running a YOUTUBE channel names DYNAMO GAMING, when I first visited his channel he got almost 450k subscribers and when I last visited his channel he was over 3.2 Million subs. And he is earning on average 10k rupees for each stream he is playing, if you can act good you can act and make short videos of it, you may have heard name like BB KI VINES, ASHISH CHANCHALANI AND AMIT BHADANA there are the names who don’t need any kind of introduction now a days, all three have above 10 million subs. On their youtube account, if you can sing well start singing or maybe you should start teaching how to sing, Even teaching can be a platform on youtube if you are good at a subject you can start making video lectures on it and anyone who has problem in that subject may search it and find it on the internet, There are many more ways like Daily Vlogging, Cooking, etc.
               There are too many unconventional  ways of earning money but here we are sticking only to the conventional ones. The question here appears should we remain stick to it, shall we continue to pressurize our children to do what we want or should we let them choose what they want, I think our Indian conventional way of thinking is becoming the hurdle to let them do so, You must have heard them talking in the way like HUMNE AISA HI KIYA THA YA HUM AISA KARTE THE , Aap kya karte the isse koi fark nahi padta hume kya karna hai yeh jaroori hai. So lets start thinking in the other way, stop pressurizing our children  and let them choose what they want. There are other ways of getting knowledge other than our conventional one’s. Start supporting your children, back them up against society if they are doing something different, As we always say KUCH TO LOG KAHENGE LOGON KA KAM HAI KEHNA, Agar logon ka kam kuch kehna hai to yeh jaroori nahi hai ki hum unki sune ( IF people’s work is always saying then it is not necessary to listen them up), you will earn your respect in front of your children if you do so, it’s  not like that you always support your children you should stop them if you think they are doing anything wrong, You got experience of life and also of how things happen so you can share your experiences with them and it can help them from going towards the bad side of life.  We all know that life is not a game but you should definitely play with it, the place can be life’s but the rules must be decided by you.
                The ending note is as follows there are conventional ways of earning and I am not saying that those ways are wrong but if you get succeed in the unconventional ones life will be played as your rules. As a parent I want to tell you “ Start supporting your children and back them up against the society”


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